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terrariumrecords.net / netlabel - Start a Band

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June 20th, 2007

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10:21 pm - terrariumrecords.net / netlabel

Shoegaze, experimental, idm, ambient, breaks. Caught your attention? Goooooood.

Looking for independent artists who believe in musical freedom and expressing themselves through audio. terrariumrecords.net is a completely nonprofit grouping of like-minded artists who believe the Creative Commons is a wonderful way to spread music and inspiration. If your style fits any of the above genres (or any mixture thereof!) you will be right at home. terrariumrecords offers webspace, email (for the first 50 artists, at least) and a dedicated news channel for releases and information.

If this sounds interesting at all, let me know. This is a startup label that formed roughly in January and has had a little bit of a rocky start but needs a little TLC :)

Email ma.ne@terrariumrecords.net for submission or general info :) would love to hear from ya. The myspace is http://www.myspace.com/terrariumrecords and the website is www.terrariumrecords.net (this probably wasn't the best time for this post since the DNS is all messed up, thanks NetSol :( in the meantime, http://004687C.NETSOLHOST.COM will (should work).

Thanks for your time!! Take care all :]
::: ma.ne

PS. x-posted a little. soz. <3

Current Music: Transient - I'm going to explode

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